~ Invoke Your Clients Magic ~

The academy for soul based coacthing log

When I first met Clean Language, it was love at first sight. Asking and being asked the questions had such a magical impact on me.  I wanted to learn and experience more.


As a Trainer and Coach, I had always being searching for the perfect questions to ask.  I wasn’t fully satisfied and knew there had to be alternative techniques.


That’s what led me to Annemiek. It was also love at first sight when I signed up for her online workshop.  I was intrigued in how she delivered her online workshops in the way that she did. I was curious to learn and experience more of what she was offering.


I signed up to her 6 month online intensive programme called Invoke Your Clients Magic. The fact that I could learn from my home, in my slippers, at a time that suited my family life really appealed to me. I got back so much more than I could have ever imagined. The variety of learning methods, the interactiveness of the weekly live online workshops, the total support from our growing online community, the flexibility of our practise sessions…it was the icing on the cake where everyone is welcome.  


I became a Certified Soul Based Coach in August 2017.  At the same time I became a Freelance Trainer and Coach.


I’m now one of three Assistant Trainers at the Academy.  You can find out more about Sigrun and Judith here on the Academy Webpage.


Annemiek said to me


“You never know where your path will lead when you follow your soul purpose.”


And that has been so true.  

sbc foto.jpg

Us 4 trainers in Amersfort, The Netherlands when we met in June 2018.