Helping you to lead at your best

How it works:

Module 1:
Leading at Your Best

Module 2:
Developing Your Unique Leadership Style

Module 3:
The Art of Creative Communication

Module 4:
Personal Leadership

What kind of leader are you?

What kind of leader would you like to be?

These modules are designed to provide time and space for you to really tune into your unique style now and to explore where you would like to make changes.

Where are your blind spots, your unknown unknowns.  

My style of facilitation is very experiential since that is how real change happens….and sticks.  

“We are all leaders with a unique blend of styles.”


1 hour Taster

½ Day

Full Day

Multiple Days

Full Half Year programme

Clients Testimonials:

“Eimear takes you on an adventure where you'll discover more about yourself. The way that you work and what makes you the best version of yourself.

I couldn’t wait to go back and change things at work and at home. It gave me another perspective.

I can see where I can make a difference rather than expecting things to change around me."


“I want to be exceptionally good, and Eimear’s training enables that.  The Leadership Team is the whole. It's about taking everyone forward together. That's what Eimear's training does.


There are a lot of people out there who deliver training.  Embrace what’s different about Eimear.  There are very few people in the world who raise spirits like Eimear does.  Eimear is fun.  We need the best quality people in the business to support the needs of our customers.


The breadth and depth of the training has ensured that it’s instilled in us that everybody is a leader” ~ Stuart Inness, Aberdeen Standard Investments 


“I’ve taken self-belief away from Eimear’s training.  I’ve discovered more about myself and the way I work.  Eimear can do that so quickly.


I’m a better leader.


Eimear’s training methods are different to any other training I’ve experienced.”

Ask me about:

Bespoke half-day / full-day or 2 days Workshop to suit the needs of your business.


Leadership Away Day(s)


Team Building Away Day(s)

For something new, exciting and alternative for you and your team(s).


One-to-One Leadership Coaching to support your and your leader’s learning, focussed on your individual needs.


As well as the programme, on completion, you will receive:


  • A follow up evaluation call to explore how the programme is embedding in your workplace

  • Certificate celebrating your continuing professional development

  • Your next steps in being the leader that you want to be.

Your next step:

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