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What can we learn from the ancients in the times that we're currently living in?  

Find out in this series of podcast conversations with experts in what it means to be Celtic.

1. Anthony Murphy - Mythical Ireland
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I had the pleasure of interviewing Anthony Murphy of Mythical Ireland on what we can (must) learn from ancient wisdom in these modern times.


Anthony shares his two voices which are the academic facts blended with his spiritual, Druidic and poetic insights on the topics of: ~ Newgrange 5,000 year old Monument ~ The Astrology of the area ~ Saint Patrick - for the day that's in it! .....and much more including the big and searching questions that Anthony poses towards the end of our conversation.


"That liminal space; that doorway that opens to the possibility of otherworlds."

- Anthony Murphy


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"Return to Nature. That simple act of being in nature."

- Anthony Murphy


Photo Source: Taken by me on my last visit to Newgrange.

Footnote: The name of the archaeologist who proposed the "passage-womb" label is Marija Gumbutas

2. Jane Burns - Celtic Shamanism
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What a gorgeous, nourishing and inspiring conversation I had with Jane Burns, teacher of Celtic Shamanism, amongst many other things.


In this podcast we discuss how Celtic Shamanism can help inform, inspire and ignite our creativity in the times we’re in right now and beyond into the New World we wish to create.


We discuss:

~ the Imagination as a way to return to our original state of mind in right relationship with the land

~ Marrying the Land as our outer and inner landscape, vital for the oath to our soul to carry out our unique mission in this world

~ the Celtic Medicine Wheel – the 4 Cardinal directions; how to re-connect and deepen our connection to each, with Sovereignty at the Sacred Center

~ Sovereignty as the all-encompassing Ruler over our Life

~ Celtic Death Rite – Keening as a practice for metabolizing unmetabolized grief


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“This being human is a guest house…..Every morning a new arrival. Be grateful for whatever comes. Because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.”

- The Guest House, Jellaludin Rumi