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~ The Mask ~

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

I've being thinking about masks lately.

I've being thinking about how often I hear clients talk about the different masks they wear as they go about their work and life.

I've being thinking about all the masks I wear, some of them being:

Is it time to peel back the mask to reveal your true and beautiful self?

The 'perfect leader' mask.

The 'I am happy all the time' mask.

The 'I'm in control' mask!

The 'perfect parent' mask.

The 'I'm fine' mask!

The 'I'm successful' mask.

The 'I'm not tired' mask!

The 'I know all the answers' mask.

I'm deluding myself with my arrogant armour.

How dare I choose to be anyone else other than my natural, maskless-self?

How dare I choose to model myself on anyone other than the model created for me and my soul path that calls me forth?

These masks are so fickle and disposable.

So multi-faceted and thick.

So energy sapping and false.

When I first became a trainer, some 16 years ago now, I used to practise being CON-fident by conning myself into that state of confidence. Like an actor stepping into another character. A fun exercise to do. Yet a false one.

I remember how I would turn up for work with little sleep when my children were very young, and put on my smiling 'I'm fine' face, using coffee and busyness as my crutches to get through the day.

How I developed my 'daily commute' posture, shoulders forward walking at a pace determined to be at work on time. My 'I'm in control' mask very firmly glued on as I waved goodbye to chaotic mornings! No one could get in my way.

I became very energy sapping and certainly wasn't sustainable.

Here's what I have realised. I don't want to con myself (or others) into being anything other than who I am right now. I no longer wish to clutter my wardrobe with any more masks.

I choose to continue to peel back my masks, layer by layer, to reveal my natural soft powerful soulful self as a leader.

From this place my authentic, natural, rhythmical leadership shines.

The mask in the photo hangs in my office as a reminder to me to continually lean in to my blind spots and release the layers that no longer serve me.

Does this resonate with you?

Would you like to surrender to yourself with welcoming arms, as the authentic leader you're here to be?

Would you like to discover and experience what that means for you?

Tear off the mask, your face is glorious. - Rumi

You're welcome to email me for individual Soul Based Coaching. I offer a complimentary 30 minute clarity call. No masks included!

Eimear x

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