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The first I had heard of them was about this time last year. We were eating sandwiches made by them at a training workshop that I was delivering. Mmm delicious.

Fast forward many months and I was eating again, this time with my NLP buddies at a restaurant called Home. We were modelling excellence. Our exemplar sat before us. Glamorous, passionate, efficient, strong. She told us her story.

It was powerful.

Where her circumstances, illness, finances had led her. How she was building her life back up. For her and her son. Her determination, light and strength touched me so deeply that I was lost for words. So I modelled silently, observing this role model.

Home is a restaurant setup by Social Bite whose vision is to end homelessness in Scotland. Their vision is inspiring and practical. They are raising funds at a very fast rate. One way is encouraging 9,000 homed people to sleep in the park in Edinburgh.

My yes rose from within me before I was consciously aware of it. To sleep out too. I felt so strongly about this cause after meeting this lady at Home. Her story was so powerful. I felt like it was about time I did something. Took action. I'm taking action in the small way that I can.

In Edinburgh this afternoon, the cold rose from my toes to my nose. It was cold wandering around the Christmas Markets. The beginnings of Christmas hype, festivities and crowds. On every corner we turned, a person sat, also shivering, with a worn paper cup, sleeping bag and sometimes a dog by their side. I chatted to my children about my commitment on 9th December to join Sleep in the Park. To say to them that this is what I am doing to help in a very small way.

Our team is called 'We have nothing else to say'. We are seeking sponsorship. I thought I'd add this to my blog series tonight. I write by my fire, warm and at home. I will have stories to tell following this sleep out I'm sure, but for now, I have nothing else to say.

"Home where my thought's escaping, Home where my music's playing, Home where my love lies waiting Silently for me." - Simon & Garfunkel

#30DaysOfStories #Day12

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