• Eimear Stassin

A Deep Necessity

“Look after your brother”, my father would say.

Wasps moved in to a crack in a neighbours’ front wall one summer. We used to play dares with who could get closest to the nest before running away screaming in exhilaration.

My brother took it upon himself to get really close. So close in fact that the wasps retaliated, stinging my brother several times. Ouch! My younger self was intrigued by how the wasps would retaliate like that, risking their lives to protect their nest. The now sluggish wasps wriggled in my brothers’ boy brown hair.

Maybe it was that incident. Because at some point, I relinquished the pressure I felt, and with that my role of looking after my younger brother. Knowing deep down that it didn’t have to be my responsibility to take on.

As adults, my brother was the one of the first people I knew to walk the road less travelled through his choices.He inspired me to begin to raise my head above my everyday existence to explore the possibilities of new kinds of visions. Visions that lay outside the corporate world I then inhabited.

Visions steeped in an understanding of the deep necessity to look after myself first, as I continue to forge my unique path. A deep necessity that has led me back to nature, as nature takes me by the hand to guide me on this journey of rediscovering the soul truth of who I am in life and work.

One of the most radical forms of activism that you can gift yourself and the world is to look after yourSELF first.

To tweak the words of Stoic Philosopher Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121-180 AD):

“What is good for the bee is good for the swarm.”

Together, we can vision and create new paradigms when we begin with what nourishes each one of us first, for the benefit of all.

Look after yourself,

Eimear x

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