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A Deeper Layer of Meaning

I failed four out of nine exams in my first year of University. I paid much more attention to the social side of University life; far more than the study side!

The exam results came out during the summer of '93. I was working in a summer job in a tiny village in Bavaria. Right on the German/Austrian border. Views of the majestic Alps on our doorstep; the sound of music resonating on the hot summer air, as my friend and I were fully immersed in the freedom of our cultural and working experience.

The white phone was stuck to the wall in the kitchen of the Gasthof where I worked. Remember the kind where the handset is attached by a wriggly wire to the phone?! Where you have to stay put as you speak?

On this day, the call was for me. Oh what a surprise! It was my father. Phoning to tell me the news of my passing 5 yet failing 4 exams. He always had a positive spin on things! Hearing the seriousness in his voice as he shared this news, I knew I had to return home.

Heart sinking, my goodbyes to my new and existing friends, alas, became but a distant memory. Back home to reality in Dublin, I unpacked my Uni notes, blew the dust off my books, took out my pen and paper and began studying for my re-sits.

Oh you cruel world!

I guess this is how the University of Life was going to teach me the bigger lessons that I needed to learn on my journey.

This lesson wasn't really about failing exams to become more disciplined at studying. Though I obviously did need a kick up the backside to focus!

That summer of '93 was the last summer that I would get to spend with my father in our family home. He was on his unique journey. A few months later, 7 to be precise, his journey would come to an end when he would take his final breath in this world.

This deeper layer of learning from this youthful experience only surfaced recently. With a clarity that was like a bolt of lightening, the message from the universe was loud and crystal clear.

So for all of that, I am deeply grateful.

It's reassuring (and healing) to have moments of electric clarity in amongst the not knowing of this journey through life, every once in a while.

What surfaces for you when you read this?

Email me if you wish to share.

To you and your unique journey along the many paths,

Eimear x

Photo: "The 3-Way Path". This sign on my woodland walk regularly makes me smile!

There's something so obvious and yet mysterious about it. Today, it was dusted in our first Scottish snow of the Winter.

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