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A Most Sacred Moment Happened This Week

I wanted to share with you a most sacred moment that happened on Tuesday at 1pm.

Out walking with my children in search of the secret rope swing (that I had heard about on the grapevine!), we came upon Cow, alone, in a secluded corner of her grassy field; lying on her side. Udder bulging, we thought she was in trouble.

Moving closer, we realised that she was in labour birthing her calf!

We retreated and, crouching down amongst the noble beech trees, we took our seats on the grassy forest floor.

We waited;

we watched,

we witnessed.

Eyes wide. Attentive with wonder.

Whispering occasionally to each other.


Cow gave an urgent call out and down the field ran her cow sisters, promptly surrounding calving cow.

It was a most sacred act of sisterhood to bear witness to.

There they stood, in circle.

Calving cow at the center.

Occasionally glancing over at us.

Aware of our presence.

On alert to protect their sister; doulas to midwife this birth into the world.

Cow gave another holler; so obviously in pain and, out emerged calf.

Still in the amniotic sac.

Like a large and unusual floppy parcel.

We wondered if calf was alive.

It felt like there was a hushed silence of anticipation in the air.

Then, we noticed a newborn ear twitch; then a little head moving up and immediately flop down.

We cheered quietly in utter delight to each other!

The cow sisters sniffed and tended to calf. Welcoming calf to the world.

When mother got her strength back and was ready, she stood up and, turning to calf, began to lick him vigorously, tenderly, lovingly. Occasionally taking a few mouthfuls of lush Spring green grass before returning to her new mamma work of nurturing and tending to her newborn.

We watched calf become more and more alert. He began to hold up his head and then make several amusing attempts to get his balance; to choreograph the standing on all four legs.

About half an hour later, he was standing on his gangly, wobbly newborn legs.

Amazing. Miraculous. Awe-inspiring.

A gorgeous gift of nature.

A Sacred Sisterhood Cow Circle.

It was then I noticed Bull was present too for the birth, curiously sniffing and nudging calf with his ringed nose.

Such a precious moment to witness, and even more precious with my three children. What finer homeschooling lesson could there ever be during lockdown?!

Welcome to the world precious calf.

Congratulations Mamma Cow.

Thank you Nature for gifting us this experience; for choreographing with such sacred synchronicity that I just had to pay the gift forward with my words.

Thank you dear reader for reading these words.

How do they touch you?

What's birthing from within you during these times?

What would you like to be witnessed in sacred sisterhood?

Where are you feeling gangly and wobbly?

Where are you seeking clarity in order to know your next step to take into your dreams?

Do connect with me when you'd like support with any of this - you can arrange a discovery call here. I've opened up 2 more Soul Based Coaching spaces - are you going to claim one of them?

I'm ready when you are!

With love in these magical and mysterious times,

Eimear xxx

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I took this later that evening - the field where the magic happened!

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