• Eimear Stassin

A Quantum Leap of Faith

Quite literally, she took the leap of faith. A quantum one!

My daughter.

We were on holidays in Spain a year ago.

She was so happy to have made the leap. To have made it safely to the other side. I could see her joy, exhilaration and sheer determination. Catching air like that! Whooping in delight!

When I'm coaching clients, they often know what they want; where they would like to be; what they would like to have happen. Their desired outcome. It is desired because they do not actually possess it yet. It is still a desire.

"What if I fall, oh but my darling what if you fly?" - Erin Hanson

With empowering Soul Based Coaching, I help you to tap into your inner resources for you to source your way to your desired outcome. Your unique way that's congruent, ecological, bespoke for you.

It might be a grand leap. It might be a tiny first step. However you will, with support, be guided across/over/beyond that gap to wherever you wish to go. Change can happen when you put your trust in the process.

I knew I wanted to change my career around this time last year. I didn't have a linear plan, or indeed a business plan. I could not see the 'other side' however I knew what I wanted was freedom to find my way in following what lights me up. So I took the first step of many tiny steps. And I'm trusting all the time that my intuition, my soul, that fire energy will guide me all the way! I'm lucky I have access to great coaches and trainers too!


Trust that if one way isn't working, there are alternative ways available to you.

"We cannot solve problems with the same thinking that created them." - Einstein

Trust that you have all the resources you need (NLP Belief of Excellence)

Trust that you cannot change others, but you can change your relationship with yourself.

Trust that pulled grass doesn't grow any faster.

Trust that the universe has your back. - Gabby Bernstein
Trust that you can walk the road less travelled - your road.
Trust that you can follow what lights you up. - Rebecca Campbell.
"Trust is built in very small moments." - Brene Brown

Trust that you can be an empowering, authentic leader.

Trust that your people can solve problems their own creative way, given the space.

Trust that you can build trust with time and patience.

Trust that other speeds are available other than the fast lane.

Trust that policies and procedures may be limiting engagement and creativity in the workplace.

Trust that a culture of telling people what to do doesn't work in the long run. It's disempowering.

Trust that using a performance rating system, rating people on a slippery scale may not really be helping people to excel whole heartedly.

Trust that we can be exceptional if we let ourselves be.


Trust that linear processes are stifling innovation and excellence.

Trust that to effectively create a cultural shift, new and alternative ways of operating must be explored.

Trust that hierarchy might not be the best structure in organisations for empowering and motivating people.

Trust that we can step out of drama and into a more adult: adult relationship.

Trust that you don't have to see the whole staircase or 'the other side' to take that first step.


Trust that we can loosen the reigns of control on our lives to allow space for chaos, creativity and colour to flow in.

"What would our days be like if we came out of hiding and brought our fears, loves, and dreams directly into the workplace?" - David Whyte in bringing creativity and soul back to Corporate life.

Perhaps you are already leaping and trusting.

Perhaps you are yearning for quantum inspiration.

Perhaps you are feeling stuck.

Perhaps, just perhaps, something sparked your curiosity and you would like to message me. I'm always happy to talk in private or public about how we can work together.

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