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Aisling ~ A Dream or Vision + A Donation-based Online Program

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Ireland has had a troubled history when it comes to Her native tongue. 

Many attempts were made to eradicate the ​Irish language altogether until English became the dominant language. Many Irish did what they knew best - took refuge in the Arts. In music, poetry, song, dance.

Poets, expressing their deepest desires, personified Ireland as the Aisling (pronounced Ash-ling). Serving many purposes including:

~ Express their dream or vision through the poetic word - Aisling means a dream or a vision in the Irish language

~ Bringing Ireland to life, personifying Her in the form of the beautiful Feminine Goddess that she is

~ To voice the deep underlying yearning for Ireland to be Free once again to express Herself in Her unique way on Her own Island.

There is so much depth, heartbreak and power to the Aisling in these forms of the Feminine, Freedom and feeling at home in your native land. It's a story that has been repeated over and over around the globe beyond Ireland of course. A story of suppression and power-over that is still very alive right now in these times.

We called our second child Aisling. I love the resonance of her name as well as its' depth of meaning.

Being the second child, I knew, to some degree, what to expect with the labour. I knew how I wanted to give birth and what I could do to work with my body. I also had more trust in my ability to birth this child my way!  

Her birth was quick, with minimal fuss. When she was ready, she took action and literally popped out! Her birth gives much insight into her emerging character 12 years on!

Many speak of birthing a child being an initiation into some thing. I find this some thing becomes more known to me, more tangible, with every year that our children grow up. 

Only yesterday, I had another BIG insight. 

The way I birthed Aisling, with the help of the dream birthing team - my husband and the team of midwives...

The way I knew...

The way I trusted...

The way I went with the contractions of my body...

The way I listened to my body....

The way I breathed into the intense pain...

The way I waited...

The way I went inwards, inside, until that moment...

The way I stood, barefoot, bare bottomed, so gravity could work its' magic...

I was literally standing IN my raw, primal POWER. 

As woman. As mother. As bringer of life into this world.... 

And SHE was born anew!

​There's a re-birthing going on over here in my business.  New website. New Program. Returning Home to my Power that's rooted in the very blood that flows through my veins.  In recognising what wants to be brought forth into the world in a form that's exactly needed for these times that we're in. 

The Aisling. The Dream. The Vision. It's becoming the reality. 

It's like the coding in my DNA is being sparked to life with every step of trust and commitment I take. And our ancestors are cheering us on as they dance around the bonfire!

You're invited to join me on this journey Home to your Sacred Sovereign Truth - To your primal power as woman. We'll journey around the Celtic Medicine Wheel; the 4 Directions. Our way in is through the 4 Elements - Earth, Water, Fire & Air.

Please join me - I've made it donation based payment - yes you read it right!  You're welcome to place your hand on your heart and exercise your sovereign choice for your chosen donation amount!

Find out more and enrol here - the doors are open until 1st July 2020

This is your time dear reader. The doors are open for you step forth and return to your sovereign power. The circle is ready to greet you.

Reply to this email with any questions or noticings.

Much love and empowerment to you,

Eimear x

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