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Are you in the Arena?

I truly believe that the magic happens when I step out of my comfort zone.

I still feel the fear, the scariness.

I still get that voice asking me what the heck I'm asking myself to do again. And over and over again, the more I step out, the more I step into magic.

Today was another of those magical days. The room was already prepared for me. I sat sipping my coffee (I needed extra strength), getting into my zone, wondering who would show up today. I was delivering a scripted session for High School students to prepare them for their Career. All in 1 hour. Optimistic! It's part of a 2 year programme that they are lucky to be on.

In they filed. Filling up the seats at the back first. An array of different school uniforms. Dark greens, Navy blues, black. Chatting amongst themselves. Phone in one hand; free biscuits in the other hand. I had a flash back to my maroon uniformed days. Curious as to how I would feel in this new environment.

I began questioning again why I do this to myself. Jump in like this. Quantum leap like (see blog #Day7). Any mention of a new audience and I'm there. Bring it on! Yet as I welcomed the fear, I too settled into the session, gazing out at the sea of full of potential faces.

However with a new audience comes lots of learning for everyone. I gear my style of delivery for 'Corporate Adults'. I quickly, very quickly, realised that I had to make changes, and fast, on my feet. I had veered from the script. Bugger. I was in the arena for the next hour and wondering what creative tricks I could muster up. The teachers at the back kindly chipped in with their support, or commands of their pupils.

Brene Brown quotes Theodore Roosevelt saying;

"The credit belongs to the [person] whose actually in the arena."

She sums this up by saying;

"It's about showing up and being seen. In order to create things that don't exist. And you'll get your ass kicked!"

This takes courage. Yes. And how else can we make a difference in people's lives without a bit of risk, stepping out and courage.

A belief of excellence in NLP is that;

"There is no failure, only feedback."

I sure got lots of feedback today. And I get to try that out, along with my new learning, again tomorrow (eek!).

And the biggest thing I got from being in the arena today, was that this next generation of teenagers are so full of light, potential and possibility, below the shyness. I hope they can follow their creative, unique paths beyond the system of uniformity. I hope they grow in confidence, courage and feel empowered to share their voices in their chosen arena. I hope too that they take time and space to do this.

I know I would like to try out more of my own empowering ways of training here.

If you would like support in stepping into the arena, in taking that next step, then please send me an email. I'd also love to hear from you about how you're creating magic in your life.

#30DaysOfStories #Day15 #HalfWayThereWahooooo!

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