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Aunty Bridie

My two grannies died when I was very young. I don't remember much about them other than the stories that I've been told and the photos I've seen.

I do, however, remember my grandmothers' sister who we called Aunty Bridie. My father's Aunt, so technically our Grand-Aunt, she would visit our house for Sunday dinner regularly as I was growing up. We'd join my father who would drive through town (Dublin city) to collect her and chauffeur her back to ours. It seemed to take an age! And then repeat the journey the opposite way to take her home.

We loved her arrival because she always brought an assortment of delicious sweets! Sweets such as coconut mushrooms, toffee bon bons or the soft and gooey iced caramels (pink and white). Our huge disappointment the times she brought only grapes or oranges which weren't enough to whet our sweet Irish teeth!

Aunty Bridie always seemed timelessly old to me. With her beige tights, pleated skirt and soft woolen jumper, wrapped up in her brown textured coat and fluffy hat. We'd sit in the "good room". In Winter my mum would light the fire. Cosying up, Aunty Bridie would share stories of a life long ago which we loved to hear as children. I remember lots of smiles and laughter.

What I realise now is how she chose to live her life in a way that went against the grain of the times. She lived independently. She didn't have a family of her own. She worked all her life for the government. She spoke her mind.  

Aunty Bridie was a lady who was in her power, in a quiet and low key way, choosing to forge her unique path through her life. 

I'm grateful to have known her and to feel inspired to follow my own path on this journey through life, perhaps in a more rambunctious and higher key way!

To you and your sweet journey into your power,

Eimear x

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