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Back in the Arena?

Back in the arena today for session two with a new group.

Yesterday's blog tells the story of the first time in this particular arena.

I felt more prepared. Ironed out *some* of my assumptions. Wondering who would step through the door in pursuit of their own magical learning.

Today's group was lively. Vibrant. Chatty. Willing to speak up and share their thoughts. Willing to stretch themselves by standing up; stepping up and networking with "the other", those from other schools. Taking small and big steps into their new learning. Engaged faces willing to learn.

A round of applause at the end and networking handshakes in practise for their Career Ready apprenticeships.

I wish them all well.

The arena isn't half as scary second time round.

Comfort zone stretched = magic

And so it's a short blog today with a big message.

"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our sense to grow sharper." W B Yeats

Magic is all around if you let it be. Can you?

Join me in Edinburgh on 12th December for a magical day of artful communication.

#30DaysOfStories #Day16

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