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Updated: Aug 17, 2018

"I would love to live Like a river flows, Carried by the surprise... Of its own unfolding." Fluent, John O'Donohue

Grown out of seeds which we planted over a year ago, I was in the flow today. We nourished those seeds, weaving together our skills. To blend our knowledge into this unique workshop.

Today was our day to flourish and blossom. Like beautiful winter roses! Delivering our work of art, our creation, in the form of our workshop on Unconscious Bias & Mental Health in the Workplace. Dr Jasmine Gartner bringing her gifts of Social Anthropology blended with my gifts of delivering Mental Health programmes in the workplace - and so much more :).

It felt so easeful, natural and right. Like a flowing waltzing river of connection. Between us and around our delegates. Each of us knowing our parts to deliver. Each getting a feel for being one of the delegates. It felt like a priviledge for me. To be immersed in the delivery and to learn as a delegate. Calm, grounded and light hearted. A tasty taster of things to come.

I welcome the energy that this flow brings. People commented at the end of this workshop in their feedback that our dynamic made the training, along with the content. And that is what makes all the difference in my opinion. It's very powerful.

Being in your flow, in the zone, creates an enhanced learning experience for you. It can improve your performance and mastery in your craft. That's when you can tap into your creative well, your endless resource. Your superpowers.

How can you access your flow?

In the full workshop, we explore when you're working at your (mentally healthiest) best, in your flow, you're like what? We explore your personal metaphor for your flow when you're working at your best. Meaning that you can anchor and tap into your metaphor when you want to work at your best. Just like magic! Imagine the impact on you and your team when you're all working at your best. Imagine the effect on Mental Health and Bias in the workplace.

Go with the flow.

When this appeals to you, you can book us both to join you in-house to deliver this workshop (Unconscious Bias and Mental Health in the Workplace). Separately we're great. Together we are exceptional! I open the choice up to you.

Email me here - I'd love to talk.

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