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Day 11 ~ The Trouble with Humour

It's Day 11 of the Be Yourself Writing Challenge. 

Today's writing prompt is to write about something you used to get in trouble for when you were younger.

Humour. The trouble with humour is that it was sometimes deemed inappropriate by my teachers at school. Those times I crossed that invisable fine line:

~ between appropriate and inappropriate.

~ between funny and cheeky.

~ between paying attention and attention seeking.

I remember the walk of shame as I was sent to the school Principal's office. For being cheeky. When I thought I was being funny. I felt so scared! Or the time a teacher questioned the smile on my face. Telling me that I would get into trouble in my life if I kept smiling like that. That confused me. It didn't stop me though.

Humour my companion in life. I admire many comedians in how they do what they do. Cleverly crafting their stories. Vulnerably standing on stage to deliver their art. The power and energy of laughter spurring them on.

Humour bring a lightness to life. A chuckle. A twitter. The feeling of laughter; a giggle; a belly laugh; incontrollable raucous hee-haw laughter. It's a great therapy. A Yoga. Seeing other's laughing too. My children laughing. Their eyes sparkling. Freely expressing themselves in that moment. It's very a contagious gift.

My father surrounded himself with humour. With wit and cleverness. He was determined to bring a smile to the lady at the corner shop's face. Philomena was her name. One day, he took my mothers hand bag. And, tucking it under his arm, went on into the shop. Standing there waiting. Patiently. Until Philomena could not help herself and smiled! This was big news! He could bring a smile to the most hardened serious stressed out faces. Allowing people to be at ease. To shed their burdens in that moment. Giving permission to relax.

Serious living takes much energy. Life is a serious business. Humour sparks life into the most serious moments. When we can place our loads down for a moment and allow lightness, creativity and wisdom in.

Humour connects us in the present moment. You can't think and laugh at the same time. Humour has a very presencing quality.

Comedian Victor Borge said that "Laughter is the shortest distance between two people."

Feel free to connect when you would like to feel the energy of humour in the training or coaching room.

#21DaysOfReflections Day 11

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