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Day 12 ~ Between Extremes

It's Day 12 of the Be Yourself Writing Challenge. 

Today's writing prompt is to write about extremes or opposites and how they have played out in your life or work at one time.

'Between Extremes' is what immediately came to mind. Remembering Brian Keenan's book that he co-wrote with John McCarthey.

Brian Keenan, left Belfast on his own journey of exploration and change, choose his adventure in Beirut in the Lebanon to teach English at an American school. On his walk to work one day, he was bundled into a car; taken to a dungeon and held captive for 4.5 years. For no apparent reason. Mostly cut off from the outside world. With only his fellow 'prisoners' as company. Sometimes chained and held in the most inhospitable, inhumane conditions.

"I felt the debilitating cold of ice flows gathering around me. I knew that I must find some free water, an open channel through which I might escape before I was trapped. How was I to know that I would confront the same entrapment in another place?"

What he was escaping from in Ireland, he was forced brutally to confront in Beirut. He, with his fellow prisoners, had to;

"...unchain ourselves from what we had known and been and to set free those trapped people and parts of ourselves."

He describes many different types of extremes in his book. In language. In humour. In care and sensitivity. In humanity.

My own journey has been less brutal and much more joyful in forging my own path with my Freelance Business. Stepping into my unknown edges again and again and again. And feeling the fear and exhilaration that goes with that.

While no-one would ever want to experience what Brian Keenan and his friends had to endure, in many ways, we do hold our own selves captive to our beliefs, our identity and our actions. Captive to what we believe we are capable of or what we feel we deserve out of life. Captive to what we those parts of ourselves we choose to hide.

Only the other day I was coaching a client who believed he could not have both a job that he loved AND earn abundant money in the process. By the end of our coaching session together, his dichotomy had disappeared.

Between Extremes was written out of a dream that Brian and John nurtured whilst in captivity. That WHEN they were freed, they would travel to the Patagonian Andes to feel the true raw beauty of our world. Freely. The physical and mental extremes it took for them to find themselves there.

I continue to be fascinated by places on the edges; the extreme parts of our planet. On our visit to Chile and Argentina many years ago, that was where I experienced so many extremes. In the landscape; the weather; the variety; the wilderness; the people.

The emptiness.

The vastness.

The timelessness.

The sheer power of nature.

The huge scale of both countries straddled by the high Andes all the way down to the impressive peaks of the Torres Del Paine.

In Patagonia, I was in awe with being on the edge. The wildness of the Patagonian Steppe; the unpredictability of the Moreno Glacier; the rich icy blueness of the icebergs breaking off the Glacier; the changeability of the weather whilst hiking to Torres Del Paine; the freezing cold camping in our little tent. And then the warmth of the people, the deliciousness of the food; the fun of our adventure.

And now, I experience those extremes with my clients.

Whether they are at the edge of their knowing of where to step next with their life; whether they are stuck; whether they know where they would like to go, yet want the confidence and self-belief to go there. They are all extreme adventures into our subconscious; our unknowing; confronting many insights along the way.

That is what continues to excite me about what I choose to offer in the form of Training and Coaching for group and individual clients.

Please contact me if any of this resonates with you; sparks an idea or feels right for you. I offer a complimentary consultation for you to decide if this type of coaching is for you.

"The only limits in life are those set by yourself."

#21DaysOfReflections Day 12

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