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Day 13 ~ Cappuccino Connoisseur

It's Day 13 of the Be Yourself Writing Challenge. 

Today's prompt is to write about something you’re a connoisseur of or something you’re a bit of a snob about, perhaps despite your best efforts.


I love a good one. Mild, frothy and smooth. Sprinkled with chocolate. Not too big. Not too small. Just right.

Cappuccino Rest.

It's a time to sit and savour. To take an in-breath, ah, and watch the world go by. It's a time to be inspired. To write notes. To catch-up on social media or to connect with an old or new friend.

A ~ time ~ to ~ just ~ be ~ with ~ me.

Cappuccino Reflection.

On a journey of reflection, I think of the many Cafe's I've frequented.

Seattle 'the world centre for coffee roasting', when we stayed in a very smelly hostel. Yet finding sanity in the rich, evocative smells of the coffee houses that abounded, whilst sheltering from the rain. A total feast for the nostrils!

The Café on the Trotternish Peninsula, Isle of Skye in Scotland, where the combination of the sea views, the rugged landscape and friendly owners add even more flavour to the already delicious coffee.

My favourite café with a view in Dingle, Ireland has to be mentioned too with awe inspiring views out to the wild Atlantic. With a Pottery and Coffee combination that calls me home every time.

Or Melbourne's Café culture where I enjoyed many a delicious cake as an accompaniment. A backpacker sugar boost as we Campervan'ed around the magical country.

Cappuccino Symbolism.

When we first moved to Falkirk, Central Scotland, over 12 years ago, the Cappuccino became symbolic for me to connect with people. To seek out new friends. To find solace in my new mum identity with like minded folk.

Cappuccino Environment.

As our family has grown and Falkirk has developed, there is an abundant choice of Cafés. I now have my favourites where I choose to go. Alone or to meet prospective new clients. On the outskirts of the town, immersed in nature. Where the actual act of walking to the café is as enjoyable as the coffee itself. It has become a ritual for me. To free my mind. To boost my creativity. To refuel.

My Cappuccino environment matters ~ 'Cappuccino plus Nature!'

I read that the word Cappuccino derives its name from an order of 16th Century monks called the Capuchin. Inspired by their coffee coloured cloaks called 'cappuccio'.

Cappuccino Sacredness.

Cappuccino time for me holds a sacredness of rest, reflection and rejuvenation. In an environment conducive to that. With people who choose to connect with me.

I'm definitely a connoisseur of Cappuccino. A snob? Perhaps a flexible snob willing to try new varieties to add to my connoisseur desires.

If you would like to share a Cappuccino one day soon, please get in touch. I will travel far and wide for the adventure! Just watch out for that cat who seems to like coffee too!

#21DaysOfReflections Day 13

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