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Day 2 ~ Follow What Lights You Up

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

It's Day 2 of the 21 Day Be Yourself Writing Challenge.

Today's writing prompt is to tell a story.

About a book that I've read at some point that has given me deep insights.

Rebecca Campbell's writing was one of those books. The kind of book that dropped onto my lap and demanded to be read from cover to cover, right here, right now.

Rise Sister Rise

As I read her flowing wise words, I realised in that instant that other options, which had been outside my awareness up to that point, were available for me to explore. Another way of approaching work and life.

The Feminine.

I was lopsided. I had gone so far 'out there' seeking new models, researching new material for my next training course, always always looking for more. The new. The alternative. The differences.

'Drawing our worth deep within.'

What I was searching for was right here, within me. Waiting patiently. To be discovered.

'Follow what lights you up.'

Became my mantra. I began taking steps to focus on work that was good for me, in all ways. Work that lit me up.

My whole self.

My energetic flow.

What I wanted to emit and attract in the world.

An alternative Leadership paradigm.

I took the messages in the book as permission to explore another form of leadership. Encompassing all that is feminine within me, to compliment all that is masculine. I began trusting all of that other aspect of me that I had quietened subconsciously while I was 'too busy working' within a structure that celebrated all that yang.

I began to step out and re-discover my true nature and begin to tap into my other superpowers.


The Yin: chaotic, emotional, visionary, creative, gentle, fierce, darkness, reflection, flow, co-creating, connection, community, cycles, non-linear, be-ing.


The Yang: goals, plans, structure, competition, winning, strategy, action, forcing, operating, results, linear, do-ing.

Feminine and masculine working together within me.

A dynamic tension.



I realised I wanted to help others do the same. To empower others through coaching and training to tap into their unique superpowers.

'You rise first, then I'll rise too.'

Rebecca said in her book.

And so I did!

I started to slow down. Modelling how others slow down to become present with themselves.

I began leading from my heart and soul. Exploring alternative ways. Strengthening my yin to balance my yang. Becoming less and less lopsided. More balanced. More aligned.

Through slowing down, becoming more in tune with my 'gut', my intuition. Which has become my new boss, my CEO, as I continue following my light, 9 months in, with my Freelance Alternative Leadership and Coaching Business.










Do you long to rise up too?

To follow what lights you up?

I can help you through soul based coaching, to find your unique way. You can email me here to talk.

Read more about my unique journey in my Trainingzone article here.

'You are not normal, you're extraordinary. Your attempt to fit in will never work. You were not born to live in a box. Overspill. Expand. Take up space. Anything less will be a tragic waste.' - Rebecca Campbell

#21DaysOfReflections ~ Day 2

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