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Day 5 ~ Don't Ask A Starfish for Directions

It's Day 5 of the Be Yourself Writing Challenge. Today's prompt is to write about a time you weren’t bold enough to risk getting hurt.

At the age of 4, I didn't want to cross the road and risk hurting my knee. It didn't matter about the cars zooming past. The risk of my knee getting hurt was all that mattered. My friend would just have to cross over if she wanted to play with me!

I don't know when the tipping point came. When I ventured from risk avoider to bold risk taker. But I remember being a tree climbing adventure loving child.

Adventures of travel, exploration and connections rolled into adulthood.

Boredom my kryptonite.

Exploration my quest.

I eventually let go of our Lonely Planet guidebooks. Memories of our travels around the world and back again embedded in my heart and soul.

Clearing space for our growing family.

Sharing tales now with them.

These days, mystery, magic and adventure happens closer to home. At home mostly. Online. Sometimes with my slippers on.

Today I ventured out back to Corporate. Leaving my slippers at home. Excitement and adventure in the choices I have.

It's not quite the 'absolute-fear-inducing-risky-bungee-jump-into-a-gorge-in-Queenstown' type of adrenalin adventure.

Or the 'strapped-to-a-man-tandem-sky-dive-in-Oz' kind of flight.

Nor the 'arrive-in-a-new-place-backpack-over-shoulders-where-shall-we sleep' kind of risk.

Stepping out from Corporate to Freelance 9 months ago felt like a quantum leap of faith. Mixed with huge amounts of trust, courage and heroic beliefs.

And now, I'm grounded in this knowing, purposeful, soulful, challenging, ecological, lighting me up, type of adventure. Yet with equal amounts of adrenalin inducing; gut twisting; not knowing; tango with vulnerability kinds of travel.

Where fear and excitement, hand in hand, guide me.

I now travel with clients too, on their own unique adventures into the heart and soul of their magical worlds. Guiding them on their adventurous quests.

Individually and collectively.

121 or in groups.

This work, for me, is my new quest.

Exploring to the edge of possibility.

Challenging myself, and others.

'Without challenge, adventure is impossible.' The Universe

Without risk, growth is impossible.

I'm possible.

So are you.

And the starfish?

A lone adventure to Cayman a few years ago. To hangout with my sister. Starfish beach was awesomely amazing.

Warm azure waters.

Salty warm air.

Tranquillity, Cayman style.

Coconuts, Iguanas.

Food for the soul.

Palm trees.


I had never seen so many starfish in one place.

All pointing in different directions.

So don't ask a starfish for directions.

Your map, resources and compass lie waiting, within you.

A good coach can help draw them out.

I'm here when you're ready.

#21DaysOfReflections Day 5

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