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Day 8 ~ The Calm After The Storm

It's Day 8 of the Be Yourself Writing Challenge.

Today's writing prompt is to write about a time you held back from doing something, for better or worse.

One of my very first managers used to say to me that his greatest compliment is when people leave his team through excelling in what they do.

And so I did, leave the team, through promotion. I remember feeling on cloud nine. On top of the world. Like my career was progressing up the ladder and I was a few rungs up. This is what I thought progression to be. This is it. What all my hard work; long hours and stretching myself was all about.

A few months later however, life had more lessons to teach me. Redundancy swept the organisation in a tidal wave of change. Loosening a certain level of management from our perches and tossing us out the door. Into the cold, wet, damp Spring afternoon.

I felt utterly drained, confused and bitter. I avoided travelling with the rush hour commuters. Those suited, booted and employed people. I felt stigmatised and redundant.

I learnt that indeed jobs are not for life and perhaps the lofty heights of management weren't for me at that stage in my career.

By not holding back and by grasping at an opportunity that I thought was right for me, I was tossed aside and out in an instant. By going for something and succeeding, I learnt a huge amount about life and loss and living.

Since that eventually, through a twisty meandering path, led me to the other side, from Financial Services to Corporate Training. That in turn led me to many more formative years fine tuning my training skills. And on out into Freelance Training and Coaching.

By learning about how to bounce back in the real Corporate world, I held back until I was ready and aligned for my next steps out into Freelance. Since I had learnt that timing is everything. When it felt right, I just did it.

I would have welcomed a good coach and mentor at that time back then. Someone to help smooth out and clarify my path.

If you are in a similar situation right now, and would like the support from a good coach, I'm here when you need me.

'Everything is waiting for you.' - David Whyte

#21DaysOfReflections Day 8

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