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Day 9 ~ My Bitter Sweet Scone

It's Day 9 of the Be Yourself Writing Challenge.

Today's writing prompt is tell a story about something that leaves a mark - anything that leaves a mark.

Up and washed; ditto for the children; dropped at nursery and head down on my daily commute to the city. I called it my commuter walk - my 'must get to work on time' gait. No-one must get in my way. Shoulders aimed at my destination; back slightly bent forward and feet moving at top walking speed. Striding along.

By the time I got to work I felt like I had already done my days work. It become my morning ritual. Once I landed in the office, I took my daily scone detour. It was my breather, my in-breath in my morning. Buying the scone in the canteen; exchanging dialogue with the staff; and, back at my desk, unwrapping the scone; cutting it in half; smearing it with butter, and, on this day, jam too to sweeten things up.

Then, and only then, would I raise my head and feel like I had arrived fully ~in~ work. Out-breath. Success.

Except on this day, something felt different. My scone was as fluffy and plump as ever, yet, there seemed to be less plump and more pomp in the air. I was only half way through my scone. Greatly enjoying the tangy taste of my added jam when I got the call.

'Can I bring my scone too?', I asked

'Yes bring it', she replied.

Then what followed was the most unexpected conversation. I knew changes were afoot. Yet I reassured myself and my colleagues that lightening doesn't strike twice.

It turns out it can and it did. Redundancy, again?!

(See Day 8 The Calm After The Storm).

Seriously? You're joking.

It was no joke. My career flashed before me once again. My children - who would feed my children. Lots of equally dramatic thoughts and emotions. Feeling vulnerable and exposed again. Like the flying carpet had been whipped from under me, again. And, tears flowing; disbelief rising, out the door I went, realising that I had left my half eaten scone behind.

Redundancy, second time round. That left a mark. To expect the unexpected in life. To flow with it. To seek support and a good coach. And to eat your scone up before going to your next meeting.

#21DaysOfReflections Day 9

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