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Decluttering, Laying the Foundation & An Invitation

We spent all day Saturday clearing out the loft in our house. It was a much more enjoyable process than I had imagined it would be.

I was in declutter heaven!

We now have a lovely empty space ...awaiting transformation into 2 extra rooms.

The 10 meter long wooden beams arrived this morning.

I arrived home after the school run just in time to watch (and video!) the beams being levered off the lorry and carefully placed on our driveway, feeling the excitement bubbling up within me.

An excitement which surprised me because...

...Up until a couple of months ago, I've been very resistant to converting our loft space; doing any work at all to our house and also resistant to moving house. Telling my husband that I'm happy and rooted to where we currently are; happy with the space that we've grown into as a family and happy to make do with what we have.

Isn't that the problem with our world that we are constantly building higher and higher; striving and wanting more more more?!

However, somewhere along the line, I changed my mind and said YES to this project. A project which is making more efficient use of the space that we have in order to meet our changing needs as a family.

The 10 meter beams will serve 2 purposes.

They are the floor, the foundation upon which we shall tread. They are also the structural support for the roof and our house, once the old roof trusses are cut away, to ensure that our whole house doesn't tumble down!

One of the rooms will be my office space; with sky light windows from which I can gaze out at my beloved woods. Inviting the outside in as I'm working, dreaming and creating. I'm imagining it will be a bright open welcoming clean energetic and quiet space from where we can connect if you so wish.

There's a very metaphoric feel to this project too. In finally committing to it in the first place...and trusting that, in clearing the space; cutting away old supports and laying new structural foundations, we are growing into this transformation. It's another quantum leap for me; for our family; and for what I am offering to you.

And so, can I ask you a few questions?

* What spaces have you outgrown?

* Where in your life are you needing a good declutter?

* Where can you begin to build new structures, one beam at a time, to bring the desired quantum transformations that you dream of?

* Where would you like support in saying YES to redesigning your unique foundations?

I have an invitation for you that will support you in exploring these questions and the metaphors you live by in ways that are steeped in beautiful, nourishing Yin energy.

I'm inviting you in to learn the ways of soul based coaching in a structured and supportive way.

The doors are wide open for registration to:

The Feminine in Coaching

We start on 24th March for 8 weeks.

- an 8 week immersive, interactive and online program steeped in Yin.

- 6 live workshops each focusing on the different aspects of soul based coaching so that you can lead your life and work with ease, sustainability and balance.

It's a magical process that I have lived and breathed for many years now so am delighted to be sharing this with you as part of the Academy for Soul Based Coaching.

Find out more here.

These are the foundational tools to support you in blending with your work and life.

Book a free call with me; over a virtual cuppa tea, if you'd like to chat about this some more, here.

"...there is no path that goes all the way, one conversation leads to another, one breath to the next..." - David Whyte

Eimear x

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