• Eimear Stassin

Doors are OPEN to The Feminine in Coaching 8-Week ONLINE Program ~ Step Inside!

A wave washed over me this morning.

It was a wave of fear that engulfed my whole being.

And so, I stepped outside into the Scottish spring sunshine and walked with this wave into the woods.

These unprecedented times that we're in right now feel so uncertain, confusing and are rattling the very foundations that we tread. Every aspect of our lives and work are being impacted as a whole humanity.

It was only on my return journey, the moment I turned around to head for home, that the wave dissipated onto the sandy shore of my being the phrase "this too, shall pass" filled my mind.

And with that, I had a moment of clarity.

I understood we are being called to use our tools, skills and wisdom to provide a supportive foundation for those who are ready and want it.

We are being called to really step into and embody these new paradigm ways of living and working.

We are being called to slow down and become more present to how our current ways are harming the earth.


I'm inviting you in to join The Feminine in Coaching to learn the ways of soul based coaching. To provide the riverbed of structure and support. To sink into this nourishing program that's steeped in Yin to blend with the work that you currently live by.

The doors are open to welcome you in for registration.

The Feminine in Coaching

starts on 24th March

for 8 weeks.

- an 8 week immersive, interactive and online program steeped in Yin

- 6 live workshops each focusing on the different aspects of soul based coaching so that you can lead your life and work with ease, sustainability and balance

~ a supportive closed Facebook group

~ access to an online portal with teaching videos and content each week

I'm delighted to be sharing this with you as part of the Academy for Soul Based Coaching.

These ways infuse all that I do now that I have lived and breathed them for many years.

Find out more and register here.

These are the foundational tools to support you in so many magical ways, blending with your work and life. They are particularly powerful and potent in these times.

Book a free call with me; if you'd like to chat about this some more, here.

You've got to experience these powerful soul based ways to truly understand.

Join us,

Eimear x

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