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Extracting the Thorn in my Heart + Invitation Inside

I dream of a giant thorn in my chest.

Protruding from the center of my heart.

Resembling a big stick.

Woody and brown.

Huge and round.


A redness had formed around the thorn on my white freckled skin like it had been there a while.

A long long time.

Another version of me stepped forth and, reaching over, gently and firmly extracted the thorn from the center of my heart.

Uncomfortable yet very satisfying.

Like removing a splinter from a child's little finger or plucking a stubborn wayward hair off my brow!

Aaaah the satisfaction.

Sin. Shame. Secrecy.

Guilt. Fear. Suppression.


Just. Like. That.

Creating space for...

Healing. Forgiveness. Cleansing.

For me and my lineage.

For you and the collective.

Healing eons of persecution and hiding.

Forgiving those who denounced us.

Resurrecting words, wisdom and knowing,

rumbling up through my soles to soul to heart to voice to fingertips.

To you.

Gushing forth like an un-dammed river.

Gurgling excitedly, free

once again.


I've being sauntering with Samhain and dancing with the darkness on these brilliantly Autumnal days.

Listening to my healing dreaming.

It's the time of the Celtic New Year when nature demonstrates Her letting go, releasing, and preparing for hibernation.

I'm not ready for hibernation yet, are you?!

It's been bubbling for a while now - the need to gather around the Samhain fires to explore what's falling away as we dance with the darkness.

So you're invited to my Zoom webinar.

When: Nov 5, 2020 04:00 PM UK, GMT

Check your timezone here.

Topic: Sauntering with Samhain; Dancing with Darkness

No need to register, just click the link below to join the webinar when it's time:


Passcode: 033260

The thorn is extracted. Our collective hearts are healing.

The new world is ablaze with possibility.

I’ll write again in a few days with further details, and, for now, it will be lovely to re-connect, so mark the time and date!!!

Much love,

Eimear xx

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A Prayer for Samhain: May I have the courage to surrender, embracing all aspects of life including death as a part of the natural rhythm. ~ Dolores Whelan, Celtic Spirituality
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