• Eimear Stassin

F i r e

F e e l i t

F e e d i t

Elemental foundation of life

I burn away your dark lies,


your light;

your power;

your truth.

I am Life giver

sparking hope.

I am fierce intensity,

smouldering beauty,

dreamy mysticism.

I play on your imagination; shadows acting out their ancient stories.

Shakti; Life Force. Flow.

The pilot light has reignited heating the creators cauldron.

Flames rising higher, tantalising; licking Father Sky.

Flames dancing freely; energetically.

I am the flames.

Red, orange, yellow, black.

Primal. Ancestral.

You fear me and are captivated.

You desire me, knowing I’m dangerous.

Wild crackles, like cackles, I laugh at you and your mild mannerisms!

Apologising for the space that you take up in your little tiny world.

I am warmth bringer,

Heart stirrer.

Silky smooth regenerator.

My light pierces darkness.


My Lava molten, untouched in pure core of Mamma Earth.

I am bubbling; I am churning; I am rumbling…

I am fire.

I am sun.

I am Fire Starter!

Feel the fire within.

Feed the fire within.


Gather round; warm your toes.

Write HerStory back into HisStory.

The Sleeping Goddess is rising from your flames!

Breathing elemental raw life into new earth.

Dance with me. Unleashed expression.

Become me. You are me.

Walk the new path as we light a fire beyond the edges of possibility.


Listen to the audio version here.


I wrote this poem just before our third class Return to Your Sacred Sovereign Truth yesterday. We were exploring the foundational element of Fire in the East point of the Celtic Medicine Wheel - the direction of the rising sun; prosperity and abundance. As I was preparing, I lit a candle to get in the zone and these words unfolded as if fire was speaking to me; through me to share. It was a perfect intro to our class which included the story I wrote of the ancient Irish Goddess Brigid and a deeply meditative journey to meet her to receive her messages.

As we journey deeper into and around the Celtic Medicine Wheel sinking into our sacred sovereign, I'm astounded and in awe by the profound experiences being felt; shared and witnessed by the gorgeous circle of women who have gathered.

I know I will be offering another round of this eventually, and, for now, I wanted to share some of this elemental magic with you!

Much love,

Eimear xx

Inis Tuascairt - The Northerly Island, The Blaskets, off Dingle, Co Kerry, Ireland. Also known as An Fear Marbh, The Dead Man or the Sleeping Giant when seen from the east. I now see a Sleeping Goddess and she's rising with the sun!

My husband took this photo a few years ago :).

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