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The walls were adorned with photos of us children in my family home growing up. Amplifying the importance of family and extended family in our lives.  As one of four siblings, with 35 first cousins, we always had rambunctious and fun family gatherings!

When I left home for good, it was to travel the world.  At the end of which we chose to settle for good in Scotland.  Like Fionn MacCumhaill, the Irish Mythical giant, I stepped my way over the Irish Sea from Ireland to Scotland, which has been my "other home" ever since.

As time goes by, my connection and affinity with Ireland deepens. From the language of mythology to the songs and poetry; the ancient archaeology and the wildness of the landscape. It's the part of me that speaks to my soul and from my soul.

"Sometimes in life, you have to leave home to come home." - Dónall Ó Héalaí, The Irish Language and Beauty, TEDxBerkeley

Soul Based Coaching is like this too in a way that allows clients to deepen their connection with the soul truth of who they really are, beneath all the layers of their life. It connects them with all that is blueprinted into their DNA so that this truth can be expressed and shared with the world in transformational and amazingly trailblazing ways.

The walls of my now family home are adorned with photos of our children; nieces and nephews. I carry forth the family flame for future generations.

To you and your family journey,

Eimear x

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