• Eimear Stassin


Charles Handy, Economist, in his book "The Age of Paradox" tells the story of a time when he asked for directions, in the twisty, windy bogginess of the Wicklow Mountains, outside Dublin.

It was the type of directions that bring me amusement. The type that says 'you can't miss it!'. If you reach Davy's Bar, you've gone too far and missed your turn off.

When he got to Davy's Bar in the high Wicklow Mountains, he then had the choice to turn back in order to find the road to where he wanted to go, or to stay at Davy's Bar.

"...he had just given me a vivid example of paradox, perhaps even the paradox of our times:

"If you keep on going the way you are, you will miss the road to the future."

While that may be another adventure, we can all be flexible with our goals, plans and visions. Too linear and rigid, and you may miss your unique turnoff to your unique future.

Alternative ways are available for you to discover, since the route you've already taken probably won't be the one to take you forward.

Soul Based Coaching can help you flexibly navigate your path.

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