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{Free Podcast} Interview with Anthony Murphy of Mythical Ireland

A Belated Happy Saint Patricks Day!

I had the pleasure of interviewing Anthony Murphy of Mythical Ireland yesterday morning on what we can (must) learn from ancient wisdom in these modern times which you can access below.

Anthony shares his two voices which are the academic facts blended with his spiritual, Druidic and poetic insights on the topics of:

~ Newgrange 5,000 year old Monument as a Tomb and a Womb

~ The Astrology of the area including the alignment of Sirius and Venus

~ Saint Patrick - for the day that's in it!

.....and much more including the BIG and SEARCHING questions that Anthony poses towards the end of our conversation.

"That liminal space; that doorway that opens to the possibility of otherworlds." - Anthony Murphy

Find out more about Anthony at Mythical Ireland.

"Return to Nature. That simple act of being in nature." - Anthony Murphy

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Enjoy the journey and let me know how this interview resonates with you.

Access the interview here.

To you and your journey home,

Eimear x

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