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{Going Live Tonight} The Spiral Path of Place Storytelling Series #2

I'm going live tonight, Monday 15th February, at 7pm UK time continuing on with The Spiral Path of Place Storytelling Series.

Join us in one of two ways:

1) Via the Webinar, click here when it's time or enter Zoom Webinar ID 897 5733 3699 at 7pm UK time. (check your timezone here).


2) Watch live on my YouTube channel here, which is where all replays will be.

This week I'll be sharing my new writing pieces. These are:

~ The Spirit of the Spiral

~ The Route to Re-Rooting

~ Final Resting Place

~ A Stranger to Femininity

~ Wrapped in Nature

You'll have a chance to comment / ask questions and interact online while we're live.

I can't wait to gather around the fire with you to share stories and for you to receive the threads of the messages that are uniquely woven for you!

Much love,


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1) Remember to bring a candle and a cuppa tea or drink along with your journal to record any insights.

2) Sign up to receive daily emails from me if you wish, for 21 week days for this exploration of The Spiral Path of Place - click here to sign up.

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