• Eimear Stassin

Going Nowhere and Everywhere

We spent many a childhood holiday visiting my father's birth home in West Cork. A time to catch-up with our many Cork cousins, Aunts and Uncles. To breathe in the fresh West Cork air and spend time at our favourite beaches.

A river flows past my fathers' home. The driveway bridges the river to the house.

My father used to lean his arms on the small wall, about chest height, on the banks of the river, in deep conversation with his brother. Both of them gazing intently into the little river below - the Argideen, that flows past my fathers' home, joining the Celtic Sea many kilometres downstream at Courtmacsherry, or Cortmac to the locals.

My Uncle smoking his pipe; my father smoking his Hamlet Cigar. That smell so evocatively reminiscent. Both blowing the occasional smoke rings into the silence between their words. The rhythm of their words intertwined with raucous laughter. Belly laughter. Then silence or the low hum of their seemingly serious conversation.

I can see them now. Brothers catching up; connecting; putting the world to right; reminiscing. Sharing stories of the mischief they got up to as children from that very house. Sharing an ancient life as far as I was concerned, from my child eyes back then. Of the life they had lived woven into their memories.  Storytelling that continues to flow through the generations. All the time, staring down into that river. Watching the world pass on by.

They were going nowhere, leaning against the wall by the river like that. Taking all the time they needed to catch-up.

And yet, they were going everywhere! Wherever their conversation led them.

Just like being in lockdown.

While many of us are still in lockdown, we're going nowhere.

And yet, we're going everywhere. 


In our imagination; with our creativity; dreaming; journeying; reminiscing; through music; in our art work; online; through social media....there's an abundance of innovative options, choices and possibilities.

In this collective pause and slowing down, we're being guided to the river banks.  To the very edges of our knowing.  As we lean over to watch the sacred river of life flowing on by, this is our time to dive deep within; into our innate soul wisdom; remembering our sovereignty.  To discover what newness we can call forth to apply to our life right here; right now, as we begin to consider what this post-pandemic world will look, sound, feel, taste and smell like.

There are huge gestation's and fermentations going on within us that we're not even aware of. And then sometimes when we come to a threshold, crossing over which we need to become different. That we'll be able to be different. Because secret work has been done in us of which we've had no inkling. The soul choreographs ones biography and ones destiny. - John O'Donohue​

The river flows on.

We're going nowhere. 

We're going everywhere.

To you, be-ing with yourself exactly where you are right now.


Leadership Trainer & Soul Based Coach @Stassin.co.uk

Host & Producer of Where's the F in Leadership Global Online Summit

Dunworley Beach, West Cork taken in 2016

The Spirit and Soul dimensions are not luxury items but are actually the very origins and sources which will enable everything to flow and unfold in new ways. The invisible world is a secret hidden resource that can be released, and excavated for the huge resources of spirit; guidance, for areas of ourselves that we have forgotten. - John O'Donohue
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