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I Could Have Been Someone

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

I sat wondering which character I would be.

Flamboyant costumes; vibrancy; humour and talent.

All laid out on stage for our entertainment.

Our annual family outing to the Panto was in full swing. Chick Whittington.

Oh no it wasn't.

Oh yes it was.

The plot was straightforward with some twists and turns along the way. Witty in-jokes and audience participation. I could feel the enjoyment oozing from the characters and was with them every step of the way. As were my children and the rest of the family. On the edges of our seats with lots of belly laughs.

"All the world's a stage And all the men and women merely players." - As You Like It, William Shakespeare

That got me thinking about all the various characters that we can be consciously or subconsciously. Such a variety is available to us. The question is how resourceful our character choices are in life?

"I could have been someone. Well so could anyone." - Shane McGowan

Fairytale of New York came on the radio this morning. I turned it right up, blasting it out, to sing along. Me, Shane and Kirsty singing together. Dancing around my kitchen. Another benefit of Freelance days working at home.

We all could have been someone.

You can be whoever you choose to be.

You can step into your character that is your best, most resourceful self.

Without any need for costumes or flamboyance or acting.

With a little help from your coaching friends (I'm here), you can be uniquely, authentically, congruently you.

Oh yes you can.

How would you like your life to play out on your stage?

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