• Eimear Stassin

I was hiding under a bushel

I was surprised when he said it. There wasn't a bushel in sight.

I had asked him to review my CV in preparation for my next career move. This one enforced through redundancy. I didn't see it coming (again!). The organisational change couldn't impact our hard working and dedicated team. Oh no.

Oh yes? So when it did, I was not prepared. Not prepared to step out at this time. Not prepared to promote myself in that way. Not prepared to wade through the murky depths of my psyche in order to figure out what I really wanted from my life; from my career; and how to balance it all.

And then I remembered, my name, Eimear (rhymes with Beamer), forms part of an ancient Irish mythological story. She posses the 6 gifts of womanhood. And she, Eimear, wife of the warrior CuChulainn, flaunts them gracefully, lovingly and graciously to the world. She too is a warrior in my eyes!

Back in the real world, this modern day Eimear was hiding. Under that metaphoric bushel. Without even knowing it.

That was many years ago, and it has taken another Corporate job; self-development and soul searching to realise that this Eimear has 6 gifts PLUS to offer to the world. This Eimear is flaunting her feathers, one by one, step by step, trusting that the more she flaunts, the more she will come home to herself bringing her light to this world.

"This is not a time for modesty. Take a page from the book of Nature, which is blooming and buzzing and proliferating with abandon. Let yourself be expressed as the earth is, with a generosity that comes from encountering your own plenty." - Toko-pa, Dreamworker

Will you join me?

Contact me to discuss 121 coaching or bespoke leadership training. Moulded for your very own needs.

"Will you move when the voice inside you calls

And all the walls fall down

No need to do this alone." MaMuse

#30DaysOfStories #Day4

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