• Eimear Stassin

I Wonder

I wonder.

I remember as a child how I used to gaze up at the sky wondering when the next star would explode and shoot across the darkened sky.

I remember how I watched the thunderous rain falling in late summer, thinking the drops were like fairies going to a party!

I remember climbing my favourite tree in our back garden. I'd climb up with a secret stash of snacks, as high as I could reach and to peer out over our house to the road beyond. Observing in wonder!

I had endless time to just be and gaze with imaginative wonder.

What I don't remember now is when my mind became so busy. With to-do lists, thoughts, things to do, deadlines, places to be and less time. I don't remember when this space for wonder became stifled and replaced with "ongoing stuff" and "endless busyness".

When did things change? From be-ing-in-wonder to wondering-why-I've-got-so-much-on-my-to-do-list-all-the-time?! I have no idea.

Yet I know the balance is changing for me once again. Training to become a Certified Soul Based Coach last year taught me the tools and ways to ask questions again in a curious and naïve way. To develop my daily rituals and sink back into my childlike self without the mask. Guiding clients as they go on their journeys of self discovery is exciting and real ways.

I am falling back in love with wonder. I'm spending more time in nature. I'm getting up close and personal; photographing; sharing my inspiration (follow me on Instagram). I'm regaining the ability to ask the curious questions as I did as a child. It's filling me up with creative inspiration.

Poet Patrick Kavanagh, in his poem Advent, said;

"We have tested and tasted too much, lover

through a chink too wide there comes in no wonder."

I say let's open our "chinks" wide again, remembering our childlike innocence, and welcome curious wonder back into our lives. From that place, live in wonder.

I'm wondering what our potential is when we sink into our wisdom that we've been gifted with from birth.

I'm wondering what's possible when each one of us steps into our true power as personal leaders.

I'm wondering what the impact will be on our world as we rise up in this way, each one of us contributing uniquely to this new paradigm shift that is oh so needed, from the grassroots up.

There is no time left to wait for someone else to create this shift.

Do you wonder?

~ what it's like to rekindle your sense of wonder with yourself and this world?

~ what it's like to re-member yourself as a personal leader by rediscovering what you're truly capable of?

~ what it's like to experience practical, pioneering and safe ways of going about this?

Then join me and Judith van Oostrom on 29th Nov at 1pm UK Time, in our Online Personal Leadership Workshop, that we co-created for you to explore, experience and deepen your true power as a personal leader through wonder and curiosity.

Remember the creative potential in wonder.

Please share this with other wonderful people.




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