• Eimear Stassin

Is this it?

I grew up with the mindset that a job is for life.  

I was happy to follow my path through the education system and to then step in to my first "proper job". It was a job with brilliant career prospects, with many opportunities to learn and to rise up the business hierarchy. I made friends for life. We worked hard and socialised together often, with the lure of the plentiful lively pubs around Dublin's booming Financial District. 

And yet, 2 years into the job, this question surfaced for me:

Is this it?

The long hours of focused, global financial market, deadline driven tasks were taking their toll on me and I knew deep down that my willingness to do a great job was actually wearing me out. 

I had become tied to my work and was becoming increasingly tired!

I listened to the answers that bubbled within me, and quickly knew that it was time to move on. Which for me meant it was time to follow my desire, dream, longing to travel around the world "before it was too late"! 

As far as I remember, everything fell into place very quickly and, before we knew it, my now husband and I had handed in our notice at our respective jobs; told family and friends of our intentions; booked our year long trip, packed up our backpacks and were off, first stop Bangkok. 

I'm so glad I listened to the question being asked of me and took action on the answer that surfaced.  Because that year of travel created memories that remain imprinted on my soul, fueling me to continue to expand into the truth of who I am today. 

It's a question that I continue to journey with. 

So, is this it for you and where you are on your journey? 

If your answer is yes, this is it - then lets celebrate together. Yippee!!!

If the answer is no and you know that your soul is lovingly tugging at your sleeve, if only your would listen...

then, take a moment right now.

P a u s e.

Soften your gaze or close your eyes.

And ask yourself this powerful question:

What would I like to have happen now?

Notice what surfaces for you and write that down.

Remember to mark this date, 11th Feb at 2pm UK Time, for my free webinar called Tending Your Soul Garden​, where we will explore the seeds of your truth that want to be expressed in this world. I'm offering the opportunity to experience live coaching from me, which will start with this question - What would you like to have happen?

There's no need to register, I will send the Zoom link in a separate email later today.

To you and your journey into the soul truth of who you are,

Eimear x

PS: This is the sixth installment of the 21 Days Writing Series called The Journey: Into Your Soul Truth of Who You Are in Your Life and Work.

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