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Island Time

When I was in Cayman... I've being waiting to weave these words into a blog.

When I was in Cayman.

Visiting my sister and her family.

I had the most beautiful memorable time.

I spent a lot of time in the water. Beautiful, azure, clear, warm, calm water.

Just floating about with much time to contemplate life.

I was visiting for a week.

The sweet luxury of travelling alone, greatly enjoying the 'me time' on the two flights to my destination. I hadn't travelled outside of Europe since our children were born, deciding to stay closer to home to explore the riches of Europe.

And this was my time.

Time to read.

Time to listen to podcasts.

Time to stare into space.

Time to gaze out the window.

Time to watch a movie.

Time to observe other people.


Time to read some more.

Time to snooze.

Time to eat.

Time to drink.

Time to stretch my legs.


Sweet, precious, simple, luxurious time.

On the flights out, I chose to purely savour this time. Travelling alone. Travelling along and enjoying the journey. I gave myself permission.

I had said it as a joke to my husband. Since the cost of taking our whole family to see their cousins was high.

"I can go by myself", I said.

"Yes good idea", he kindly replied.

There was no time to lose. Flights booked; sister informed; children placated, each one wanting to come with me.

"I'm so sorry children. Mammy must embark on this adventure alone. Solo. Sans enfants. One woman's journey. A tout a l'Heure. Byeee. Laters.

I'll phone.

I'll send photos.

Lots of photos.

I love you all.

I'll bring home stories.

Lots of stories.

When you're my age you too can fly off."

And I was off.

Stepping off the plane my excitement building, it was the smell that first caught me.

I inhaled deeply. Warm, salty, dry.

Deliciously tropical.

Deliciously foreign.


And then the breeze.





And the palm trees.

So tropical, green and coconutty.

I walked on out.

Travelling light.

Big strides.


Towards my welcoming party.

Taking time at customs recalling what had I actually packed in this suitcase.

And there they were.

Camera out.

The customary video to send out to family.

Here she is.

She's arrived.

She is here.

Big hugs.

My nieces had grown up.

Extra freckles.


Beaming island happiness.

I am here.

I have arrived.

My feet are firmly planted on the island.

My arms are wide open to embrace this.

Let our adventure begin.

Off we skipped into the setting sun for dinner at Sunset House.

So appropriate.

The tropical waters lapping by the edges.

We're on island time now, my sister said.

It was time to settle into this new rhythm.

As the sun set over the sea.

To the tune of Bob Marley.

"Don't worry about a thing Coz every little thing Is gonna be alright." - Bob Marley

#30DaysOfStories #Day19

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