• Eimear Stassin

It was like delving into my own Book of Kells! + An Enticing Donation Based Offer

Do you know that moment when something happens and, almost instantaneously, a whole new world of revelations and possibilities emerge?

Where flashes of insight and powerful information flicker awake within your psyche and suddenly, you have moved beyond the edges of your knowing, opening into the place where your unknown becomes your known...just like that.

It's like a beautifully choreographed ballet where dancers blend, merge and move to a sweet, sumptuous melody!

You'll know then how incredibly empowering, enticing and exciting these moments are; bringing with them paradigm shifts and transformations that we thought was the stuff of dreams.

It's mind-opening, right?!

This is exactly what happened for me last week. My dear friend and colleague, Dottie Lamoureux, gifted her Akashic Coaching skills on a donation basis. I was instantly IN!

What emerged and unfolded was like delving into my very own Book of Kells - you know that ancient manuscript so carefully; elegantly and painstakingly crafted.

Each loop and swirl, each word and vibrant colouring took years in the making. It sings of a merging of Cultures and Traditions; Neolithic with Celtic; Pagan with Christian; of a writing down of oral traditions and stories, word by word to create perfectly imperfect works of art.

I'm no historian....however this is what it felt like for me!

My experience of being coached in this way brought me deep into my psyche to connect with my wise guides, who are, as always, egging me (and you) on as they dance joyously around the giant campfire! Having a giant Ceilidh by the sounds of things!

It felt like a page turner of a novel that you just don't want to end, and yet you want to know the ending at the same time!

We hold so much wisdom within ourselves.

In these times that we're currently living through, these moments (of enlightenment!) are the exact medicine that we are being called to open up to.

We're being asked to adapt innovatively to our current new normal situations.

We're being called to look at our dark, dense, sticky stuff; to bring it to our conscious awareness in order to heal it (and deal with it!).

We're being called to shapeshift and flexibly respond; with offers of support and help, using the transformational tools that we each hold, that our world needs right now, individually and collectively.

So I want to pay-it-forwards - the gift that keeps on giving.

That's why I have opened up 5 1:1 donation based soul-based coaching transformation sessions.

I don't normally offer single sessions.

Yet I know how powerful this way of coaching is....and that it's exactly what is needed to help create the new way of living and working right now.

Click on the button below and enter your chosen amount in my paypal link.

I will then send you my calendar to book yourself in.

We'll meet on Zoom and let the magic begin....


And afterwards, if you so choose, you can pay-it-forward in a way that feels right for you.

With love to you on this transformational, page turning, new paradigm creating journey,

Eimear x

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