• Eimear Stassin


“No way”, I responded stubbornly.

“Yes way”, my parents said.

I had just finished school for good. A long, languid Irish summer lay ahead of me.

My parents, however, had other ideas for their wayward teenager!A summer job opportunity had come up to be a Leader (or Ceannaire in Irish) at Irish College in Dingle, Co. Kerry. Irish College is where Irish students go to learn Irish. It’s like an adventure camp through Irish!

There was no way I wanted to be a leader. No way I wanted to step into a role that felt so far outside of my comfort zone. No way I wanted to explore the unknown unknown aspects of my psyche.

And so I put up huge resistance.

A few weeks later, I found myself on the next train from Dublin to Kerry with plenty of time to come face to face with the leadership gremlins within me.

What ensued was the most wonderful summer in Dingle immersed in the wild evocative landscape that is this magical Peninsula. Speaking Irish; leading students; meeting wonderful people as always. Being a part of the community where I had already spent many of my childhood holidays.

Traditional Irish music, Ceilidh dancing. Popping into my Grand-Aunt and Grand Uncle for daily chit-chat and the most delicious homemade Blackberry Pie. Mmmm I can taste it right now! Being near my relations and Grandfather. Being so at home.

It felt truly freeing.

On my (cousins’) bike cycling the windy country roads lined with blood red Fuchsia. Sometimes ending up in the ditch if I took a corner too tight! Across the beaches soaking up the most glorious views on these wild Atlantic edges.

I’ve heard it said that the Irish language is the soul of the country.That summer fully nourished my soul.

That was 28 years ago.

Within those 28 years, I’ve done my time at University and followed by careers within the Global Financial Services Industry, all of which have served me very well.

My journey has led me back to leadership in ways that echo the approach I took as Ceannaire in Dingle; inspired by this rugged landscape and with as much soulful fun!

And so here I am, listening to a deep need within me to continue on this journey of creating new ways of leading.

New ways that work with our energies (both masculine and feminine) as well as in harmony with our earth; are fully inclusive so that we lead in radically sustainable ways.

It’s a leadership journey that can only start from within each one of us to radiate out. We all have a part to play.

And so my love affair with a balanced and radically sustainable Leadership paradigm continues, which for me is steeped in the re-membering many of my dormant feminine energies which I subconsciously shelved over the years. That then redefines my masculine energies.

This led me to create and host the Where’s the F in Leadership Global Online Summit in December.

I’m reading Sharon Blackie’s “If Women Rose Rooted” just now. In it, she writes:

“It’s so easy to be pulled down by life’s challenges and the awful things that are happening to the planet, but it doesn’t serve any purpose to stay in that place.It’s not what the Earth requires right now.The Earth is calling on us to change things – but also, while we’re doing it, to have fun!Fun – maybe that’s the most radically feminine idea of all.”

We are here to change things.

Change happens as we journey into the soul truth of who we are in life and work.

From the inside out.

To the soulful, balanced, rooted and radically sustainable leader that resides in you.

Eimear x

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