• Eimear Stassin

Life is better when you're laughing

I've always been a fan of humour and the power of laughter.  Though my friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances might not always be laughing with me, I feel that laughter connects people in an instant.

You cannot think and laugh at the same time.

Try it now.  What do you notice?

I believe that, by encouraging people to laugh more at themselves, with others, you instantly feel lighter.  Light enough to do star jumps.  Light enough to learn.  Light enough to reach really high.  Light enough to lean into that area of darkness in your life.  Even for a moment.  Light enough to feel alive and alight.  Light enough to take that next step and fly. 

"Light is the mother of life." John O'Donohue

When I was in primary school, a teacher told me to stop smiling.  Since I generally went around my life with a happy smile on my face, that was a real challenge.  She then said that smiling would get me into trouble in life. And while she wasn't wrong there (!!), I still think that was a funny thing to say to a child!  Perhaps I looked really suspicious like I was up to something. I probably was.

My favourite comedian, Miranda Hart, likens her audience to people contained within a cocoon.  Within that cocoon she stages her humour, as if she is speaking to each person personally, individually. 

That's how I imagine it when I'm training, delivering a workshop or speaking at an event.  Through my natural humour (permission to disagree). we laugh, we relax, we're natural, you and I, and, most importantly, we connect to each other and to the learning that's happening. We are present.

Comedian Victor Borge said that "Laughter is the shortest distance between two people."

Let's step across that distance and connect.

But guess what........

I'm still smiling and laughing!

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