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I was joking honestly!

I've said this phrase often in my life. Generally to get me out of the trouble I have gotten myself into!

Today, I met my provocative match.

The first cup arrived with a beautifully hand crafted 'Tilly' on it. Such a nice touch. The name of the Café where I met my Mentee this morning. Part of our Mentor/Mentee relationship is to find the best scones in Central Scotland, whilst we get down to the serious matter of business mentoring. That's how I like to build relationships. Sprinkled with a quirky touch!

When I ordered my second Cappuccino (I know, naughty but so very nice!), I casually asked;

"Can you put my name on this one?".

She laughed, and, returning to hand me this (see my photo above), with, literally, "My Name" beautifully hand crafted on the foamy frothy top, I had to laugh with her. She got me there! That's really funny!

Provocative meeting provocative, provoking our laughter!

I liked this quirky memorable touch of hers.

There's a belief of excellence in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) that the meaning of the communication is the effect. When you choose to believe this, it's up to the communicator to communicate clearly so that the message is received as it was intended. Or, put another way, if you're not getting through to someone, consider how you can tweak your communication to ensure they understand you.

Own your communication.

In my case, she chose to take my casual remark literally provoking her cleverly creative rebuttal. I didn't see it coming!

How often do we 'not see things coming' in response to our communication? In response to our everyday interactions? How the words are out of our mouth before we realise we've said them out loud. And the impact that has on the other person.

I took this picture (see picture above) before delving into the foamy frothy depths of caffeinated bliss. This scene, in addition to making me laugh, got me thinking about all the times in my life where I have not chosen to own my communication. Where I have blamed the receiver/ the other person for 'not getting me' or for 'not having a sense of humour' or for 'being on a different planet' from me.

"We teach best what we most need to learn." - Richard Bach

That's lucky then. I'm running a 1 day workshop in Edinburgh on 12th December 2017 (my birthday) called "The Creative Art of Communication". You can click on the link to find out more. You've no obligation to of course just as she had no obligation to write anyone's name on a Cappuccino. Turn your mis-communications into creatively artful communications.

#30DaysOfStories #Day3

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