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Money, Money, Money

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

As a young child, I used to sing over and over 'Money, Money, Money'.  My mother was (still is?) an ABBA fan.

Studying Commerce and Economics at University, somewhere along the way, my relationship with money changed.




As an entrepreneur, over the past 11 months, I've ventured into places that I could not have imagined, after stepping out of Corporate Financial Services into Freelance. 

I've delivered training on Mental Wellbeing to hundreds of managers.

And Clean Leadership to others.

In the Corporate environment.

Coached individual clients.

From home.


I've gone on UK Tour. In person. And global tour. Online.

I've felt exhausted. That I'd bitten off more than I could chew. That I said yes to far too much. Then I got the flu.

I was snowed in at the exact time when I felt snowed under. Overwhelmed. I lost my voice. I slept.

And I've learnt so much about boundaries.

Business boundaries and family boundaries.

Where my home truly is...

And yet I love the excitement of visiting new places. I know I must pace myself.


At the same time I've attracted clients. Dabbled with my website. Learnt various ways to market myself. Written blogs. Recorded Vlogs. Put myself out there on YouTube - have you seen me yet?

Developed my social media presence.

Met potential clients. Become friends with existing clients. Co-created workshops with training partners.  

Had fun. Welcomed all of my emotions. Wandered in the woods. Drank lots of cappuccinos. Sampled many a scone. Distributed my Business card to many many people.

Building my business in my authentic way.


And money is flowing ~ in. That feels so good! Now that I've taken control of my finances.

That big dark cloud of money. Is now a silky smooth river of real and potential business flow. Of clients, training, income, value and abundance.

My relationship with money has changed again, positively.


My secret?


Unique and amazing.

Flowing and fun.

I can directly relate all of this to my business and personal metaphors that I explored and developed with my coaches during my Soul Based Coaching training with the Academy for Soul Based Coaching.

My business (and money) is now unfolding exactly as I would like it to, and some!


I'm singing ABBA's song again. This time my unique version.

That's why Soul Based Coaching is so powerful.  Because change happens so easefully and subconsciously.  Opportunities open up.  Before we know it, we catch ourselves actually living what we desired to have happen all along. That continues to positively amaze me.


Are you at a crossroads in your career or life? 

Would you like to explore your business when it is exactly as you would like it to be?

Do you want to step onto your unique path that expands with who you are?

Please email me to book in for a complimentary 30 min exploration session.

And invite me into your office to meet your team!

I'm open to suggestions.

#FreeFlowFriday #SoulBasedCoaching #MoneyMoneyMoney

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