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My World Beyond Words

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

I'm taking part in a letter series with Megan Macedo, founder of Be Yourself Marketing. She sent me a box of letters. Inside are neatly labelled envelopes for every day in November. It's called 'The word, the work and the truth of the matter'. Where she writes her more intimate musings.

Each morning I open the day's letter, feeling that kind of 'it's my birthday!' tingly excitement. I allow Megan's words and message percolate throughout my day. The first letter is still percolating. In it, Megan differentiates between the 'businessperson type of entrepreneur' and the 'artist type of entrepreneur'.

Reading her words that first day, I felt such relief. Megan has articulated what I have being feeling, but hadn't yet been able to string together in understandable sentences.

My approach to my business, as a soulpreneur, is very much artistic. I want to build my business as a collection of works that are a full expression of me. Of who I am now and who I am becoming as I grow and learn, like peeling back the layers of the onion to reveal the fresh new layer within.

Megan concludes that;

You are an artist. You need an outlet.

Music was my outlet growing up. It has been a huge part of my upbringing. I played the piano all my childhood life until I was 17. I learnt the Irish Harp; the Guitar; played about with the tin whistle and the spoons! I kept my music mostly to myself and my family, too shy to share with the wider world. It also wasn't cool to talk about Beethoven or Mozart as a teenager amongst my friends!

Music was my form of expression and flow. My own world of sweet pianissimo to fierce fortissimo. A beautiful alternative to my intellectual studies. This feeling of flow and timelessness with every note, I still sink into. It is just exquisite.

It was my world beyond words.

Writing for me, is like playing the piano all over again. I write at my best on my laptop. My fingers dance lightly over the keys, typing letters that form words that form sentences, that form paragraphs that eventually create a social media post. Artistic creation is at my finger tips. My ultimate outlet of expression. The more I write, the more ideas bubble up and the more I want to write. And now I share my writings with you.

Music is what language would love to be if it could. John O'Donohue

Do you have an outlet, an art form, a way of expressing you?

Is it an outlet that is serving you as your best version of you?

You can explore this topic and more by joining myself and Judith van Oostrom for our Personal Leadership Online Workshop on 29th Nov.

Re-discover your soul music as a personal leader.

I highly recommend Megan's writings, film and website. Her approach to business and marketing is very very inspiring in a way that you will throw the rule book out the window in gleeful wild abandon.

Megan Macedo ~ Be Yourself Marketing



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