• Eimear Stassin


Updated: Nov 2, 2018

Y o u Take My Breath Away.

Your warmth Your mystery Your magic.

The delicate threads you weave between your branches and bushes, glistening in the warm Autumn sun, Like mysterious harp strings playing in your cooling breeze.

One leaf hung by a thread, twirling, swinging, dancing carefreely.

As I breathe out You breathe in As you breathe out I breathe in.

Your forest floor is a fascinating blend of colours and textures and smells. Mossy green, pine cone brown, feather white. Holly berry red.

When I stand still, I h e a r y o u.

I hear your moulten heart melting the nights' memories away. Droplets dripping, dripping, onto your rusting leaves, your branches, ferns on your floor.

Soaking their way down. Absorbed by your forest floor, carried by your rivers as nourishment for all things.

I hear your occupants cracking nuts, picking berries, nesting high up in your canopy. Birds squawking, flitting from branch to branch, tree to tree soaring away across your grassy fields.

I see your translucent shafts of sunlight, finger-like sun beams, creeping between leaves and branches, pines and larches, searching for where to shine your luscious light.

I f e e l your energy.

Can I stay here just a little bit longer, and wallow in your delightful beauty, Nature?

Inspiration #fromthewoods this morning.

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