• Eimear Stassin

Nature Mama

I pull back the curtains

and gasp in surprise at the scene out my window.

Clouds of delicate baby pink spread across the sky

full of early morning blush.

White frosty cloth, thick and white spreading icy sparkles

over the brown withering bulrushes.

Pine trees, tall and rooted to their usual spot

overseeing these changing rhythms, moods and cycles of nature

from dawn to dusk...

and dusk to dawn...

Birds singing in tune with these springtime energies.

Two swans salute me from the pond.

Crispy brown leaf beach hedge dances in delight.

"Welcome Home" she says.

and then,

in a soft nourishing whisper

she adds,

"Nature Mama".


I wrote this poem for you to carry with you into your weekend.

Much love,

Eimear x

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