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Saturday mornings was Harp lesson time.  My eldest sister and I learnt the Irish Harp for many a teenager year. 

I might not have been the coolest teenager in town (according to my children now!), yet I loved how Harp lesson time meant I was transported to another world, in an instant.  A world of alert aliveness, flow, presence and in the zone'ness, where time becomes irrelevant. Each string vibrating their own rhythmic magic as I pluck, persevere, practise and pluck again....becoming more masterful as time goes by.

A world where I could really feel the emotion of the music, that goes beyond words, as my fingers connect with each string to create an artfully sweet tune, most of the time.

"Music is what language would love to be if it could." - Inner Landscape of Beauty, John O'Donohue

Writing evokes similar feelings for me now, when I'm in that flow. It helps me listen to the music of my soul and remember who I am.

My father would drive us up to Marlay Park at the foothills of the Dublin Mountains, to the old stony courtyard where we had our lesson. Navigating our way past the noisy resident Peacocks, in through Colm the Harp makers' very dusty and dimly lit workshop, up the wooden stairs and into a grand bare room to sit by the window to be taught.

Our music wafting out into the courtyard on the draught of the cool breeze.

My father would stride off for his walk to appreciate the park's freeing beauty, no matter what the weather. 

I visit the park regularly when I return home to Dublin.

A dark brown weathered outline remained on the workshop door where ​Colms' shiny brass "Harp Maker" plaque used to be.

On a more recent visit, that door was painted over in glossy contemporary green as the next generation has moved in. 

This is our Harp. Photo courtesy of my sister!

Such are the many layers of memory that are wrapped up in the transience of time. 

Evoking a kind of nostalgia that transports me home.

To you and your journey into the layers of who you are,

Eimear x

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