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{Replay} Healing the Witch Wound: Return to Sovereignty

What a gorgeous and powerful webinar to Heal the witch wound we had.

Realign yourself to your wholeness that is your sacred sovereign truth and power.

What attendees are saying:

"Thank you again, Eimear, you are a treasure for bringing the Cailleach back in my awareness, it is the path I need to go on."

"This was a very powerful way to address healing. The Cailleach welcomed me home and placed me on the throne."

"That was mesmerizing. Body Chills!"

"Thank you so much for the wisdom and deep journey and for the beautiful container you have held for us today. with gratitude and love."

During this webinar you will:

  • hear the story of my inspiration for the urgent need of healing the witch wound

  • be moved by the poem I wrote in the voice of the Cailleach, the great Irish Witch herself!

  • heal with the meditation where you journey to meet with the Cailleach and receive her medicine and return to your throne

  • have the opportunity to schedule your Free 30 min one-to-one to Heal Your Witch Wound to get clear here

  • hear the comments and depth of wisdom shared by the attendees on this webinar

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With Irish Witchy love,

Eimear xx

Trainer & Coach @ Stassin.co.uk

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Photo: Eye of the Cailleach by Margaret McKenna of www.celticmyths.ie

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