• Eimear Stassin

Retelling; Reweaving; Rewriting

She felt the humming of her ancestors

Roaring through her roots.

As she sang her soul song to the world

With the rhythm of her Irish boots.

She danced around eternal fires,

Guitar in her hands.

With each and every chord she strummed

She danced them home to their I-lands.

Soothing an ancient ache that they never knew was there,

until her music awakened that flame of remembrance

and they began to dare

to walk themselves back to wholeness.

To return to their lands.

To speak their native tongue again,

sharing stories that demand

re-telling, re-weaving, re-writing

for the future we live now.

Fierce healing tears of generations past

It’s time to re-birth at long last!

I am very excited to announce that my next summit is now OPEN for REGISTRATION!!

It's called:

Healing the Witch Wound Global Online Summit

~ Walking the Bridge Home to Our Sacred Sovereign Truth ~

This summit has been a labour of love, fire, connection and co-creation.

It's a calling forth of an individual and global remembering; for we are being initiated to heal the witch woundings flowing through our bloodlines, creating space for our magnificence to shine.

So you are invited to register today if you wish to experience and immerse yourself in the 18 free interviews that go live from 29th November 2020.

Find out more and register below.


I've created a 2 minute video for you to feel into and learn more about this summit - the art work and animation is all original and hand drawn (amazing right!), gifted by Margaret McKenna of www.celticmyths.ie.


I can't wait to walk this path with you deeper into healing and rising this Samhain season.

With huge witchy hugs,

Eimear xxx

Host & Producer of Where's the F in Leadership Global Online Summit

Trainer & Coach @ Stassin.co.uk

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