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{Samhain Special Sale!} Self-paced Online Healing Journey Around the Celtic Medicine Wheel to Return

I've had many requests and queries about the Journey to Your Sacred Sovereign Truth live 3 month program that we have just completed in September.

So, due to popular demand (!!), I'm delighted and very excited to share that I've created a bundle carefully and craftfully in the form of a 6-class self-paced online healing journey, especially for you and the times that we're currently in.

Since today is a full moon and new month as we head into Samhain Season, in the Northern Hemisphere, I've created a Samhain Special Sale Price of £55 (normally £333), especially for you; in order to make it accessible to purchase and dive into at your own divine pace and in your own sacred time.

This special price remains open until Friday 9th October. So if this pulls, tugs, calls or nudges at your heart and soul, click here to find out more and/or purchase.



Stand in your Power.

Rebuild your foundations.

Journey around the Celtic Wisdom Wheel with the Irish Goddesses.

Navigate your way in, through the four elements:

Earth - Water - Fire - Air

and the four directions:

South - West - East - North

On this journey around the Celtic Medicine Wheel, you will:

~ Meet the Irish Goddesses of pre-Celtic myth in the form of ancient Neolithic guidance, bringing you strength on your journey home to your sacred sovereign truth

~ Emerge renewed, already applying new wisdom and practices to your everyday life & work

~ Co-create the new world that you wish to see, with courage, bravery and fierce focus

~ Reconnect with your native earthen roots through meditation, mantra and ceremony

~ Expect oozings of seriously transformative fun as you’re guided by Eimear through original poetry, storytelling, meditation, teachings, journeying & shenanigans, channelled for this journey especially for you!

~ Listen to the humming of your ancestors as they sing the ancient songs of your lineage back to you

~ Feel the memory of all that wants to flow through you, in the waters of your bloodlines

~ Feel nourished and supported in our closed Facebook Group where you can circle sister & brother-hood; create friendships; gain clarity and be rooted in your power as the full expression of the leader that to know you are

~ Learn about the willing rebel warrior goddesses and shapeshifting activists of pre-Celtic Myth, inviting them forth connecting ancient wisdom for modern times, to serve as your guides

~ Share the symphony of our collective voices as they rise to the surface with power and ease as we build new, sturdy soul infused foundations when we remember our sacred sovereignty as the rulers of our lives

Click here to find out more & purchase!

Since I personally always love to hear the story of the creation process, of how you got from there to here....well, here's mine, in relation to this program:

When I committed to this program over the summer, I had an outline and structure for how we would journey together around the Celtic Medicine Wheel with the Elements and Gods & Goddesses. However, that changed with each week that we journeyed and walked the spiral together.

It sprung to life with an ancient awakened power that flowed from the earth beneath my feet and up through me to my fingertips, playing out through original poetry and singing soulful stories, re-written in the voice of each Irish Goddess that stepped forth for direct recognition and witnessing. For the truth of their story and message to be heard. For their archetypal qualities and traits to be received and applied to everyday work and life with a new found strength and power. Re-awakening our rebel selves or connecting with our witchy selves or creating a container for the fires of remembrance to burn through us, safely, powerful, fiercely.

Each one representing parts of us that are yearning to be welcomed home to heal back to wholeness. Each one willing us to share this wholeness with the world.

The ancient awakened power surged further still up to my throat; my voice. Clearing my throat to speak and guide people in co-creative shamanic like meditation journeys; re-igniting an ancient ancestral spark as we gathered around the eternal bonfire that had always been ablaze, awaiting for this very time.

I'm still cherishing and relishing the journey, with sacred sisters and brothers, as we returned to our sacred core, the soul truth of who each one of us is and from this place, bringing your gifts forth into this world so worthy of you....

So what I have curated, created and put together here is with my heart and soul. It's a co-creation with my ancestors.

It's a pleasure to share this gift with you in the form of this special Samhain Sale Price, until 9th October 2020. You will have lifetime access to all the material contained inside.

Click here to find out more & purchase!

"Eimear I am deeply grateful for you and this class you created. It was rich and full and you created a lovely container for us to explore the Celtic medicine wheel, Goddesses and elements...and ourselves, our souls. Thank you for making it so accessible!!! And to be able to return to it over and over again is invaluable! Both Brigid and the Cailleach were pivotal Goddesses in my journey through the Celtic medicine wheel. It has shown me that I am not alone in what I find important, in my values, in what I hold dear. It's helped me to feel part of a community of sisterhood. And it has renewed my interest in the elements and given me a better understanding of the medicine wheel. I am interested in carrying this tool forward in my life. It’s given me foundations to stand within and on with all that comes up in my life." — Maura Powers-Moulton, Pennsylvania, USA

Email me with any questions you may have.

Le grá, with love,

Eimear Stassin

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