• Eimear Stassin

Singing Your Soul Song to the World

My grandfather, Jim, had many phrases that he used to repeat on tap...with a glint in his eye and the corner of a smirk on his mouth, as he shuffled around doing his daily jobs in my mother's family home outside Dingle. As a family, we spent so much of our childhood immersed in the beauty, smells, sweeping seascapes, wildness, mountain tops, fun, belly laughter, sunshine, stargazing, music, craic, rain, mist, animals, cousins, aunts & uncles...

Fizzy drinks and freedom.

Freezing fresh water from the spring.

Home grown potatoes coated in butter.

The evocative smell of the turf fire.

Climbing trees.

Stories of fairies and ghosts, enough to cast both wonder and trepidation in my childhood imagination!

Sandy toes,

Salty chips.

Rosy cheeks.

Pure fantastic rejuvenating sweet smelling freshness. This extra special corner, on the edge of this magical peninsula that juts out into the wild Atlantic, beyond the Blasket Islands, now uninhabited, next stop America.

" Now is the hour!", Jim would say. In relation to what, escapes me just now! His words would flow fluidly between the Irish and English language. The Irish language being the native tongue of this landscape. The heart and soul of the land that expresses so much depth to who we are as Celts. A language that's like a song of ancient expression in the form of stories, myths, music and mysteries.

Jim also had an unusual way of enticing me back time and time again, saying goodbye in the form of:

"I'm dying. I might not be here the next time you come!", again with the same glint in the eyes.

His provocative humour and view on death refreshing to my young naive ears. So much so that, when he did actually pass on to the other side, we felt the need to do a quick double check of his coffin, just to make sure he wasn't joking. I could almost hear him saying, "see, I told you I was dying!" in a Spike Milligan like manner.

These memories in the form of this wild beautiful changeable and freeing landscape lives within me too. It's part of who I am today. Remembering reminds me of where I've come from; reminds me of my ancestors; of my roots and also the source of this provocative humour!

Remembering makes my soul sing as these words emerge with a smile to share with you.

I've noticed a pattern in my clients recently. That each person has 2 things in common - Big Dreams along with a feeling of stuckness, in the form of fear or limiting beliefs of some sort. This stuckness is blocking the way towards really stepping into and living these Big Dreams.

Does this resonate with you?

Do you have big dreams or a secret wish that you know you want to bring to the world, yet you don't know how yet? I too have big dreams.

Big dreams that I know I'm called to connect with and follow. I know that these big dreams are held within my soul song. My unique soul song from source. It lies waiting patiently to connect with me (and you); to remember and reacquaint ourselves with eachother in order to sing it to the world. In whatever unique form that takes; along whatever enticing paths or adventures we walk. Music, expression, poetry, writing, creating, movement, rhythm, dancing, resting, building, wild beauty, power, deep wisdom, fun, humour, memories, songs, whispers, inner knowing, nature.....it's all here waiting for you to re-member within your beautiful unique landscape that is all of who you are.

It's not out there, externally.

It's in here, internally.

Waiting to be reignited, rekindled and nurtured as you share your light with the world in new and resourceful ways.

Of course your memories and experiences are different to mine. As you bring forth your unique soul song expression, this also heals past generations.

We each have that power!

Because now is the hour!

Dingle is one of my soul homes.

Where is your soul home?

You already have everything that you need, within you.

I can hold space for you and ask powerful questions to connect you with your inner landscape; your soul song; your native tongue; your home. Whether that's a version of your wildness, beauty and freedom within you..or something completely different, let's find out and journey together! Join me for a coaching journey to re-member and re-connect with your unique soul song; sing into your dreams and share your voice into the world, which can and will transform your life, from the inside out.

Arrange a free Discovery Coaching Call, when you feel called and you're ready to commit, by filling in this short form. Now is the hour to begin to re-member and re-tune our voices to live our big dreams easefully, powerfully as we create new paradigms of leading and living step by beautiful step; dream by beautiful dream.

Lets set this intention individually and collectively as we step into 2020.


On Beal Ban Beach, Dingle, Co Kerry.

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