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Spiral Path of Place Session 3 Live

We met live just now for session 3 of The Spiral Path of Place Storytelling Series.

Gathering around the metaphoric fires to connect with each other from around the globe.

Attendees were sharing how nurturing, magical, soothing and emotive my words are that I read to you. How some of the stories bring back memories of loved ones who have passed or dreams that are being reawakened as a result.

It's my honour and gift to you. Make yourself a cuppa tea or your drink of choice, light a candle and get cosy!

This weeks' new writing pieces are that I read were:

~ Born Anew

~ Mamma’s Cry Too

~ Resurrection

~ Unchain the Blame

~ Iona

You can watch the replay here:

The article I mention in the live reading session, that is leading me on the new spiral path in my reading of Iona is here - Serpents of Iona. A very fascinating (and long) read! I've skimmed it so far!

May these stories bring you nourishment, joy, hope and inspiration as you walk your spiral path.

Much love and take care of yourself in these times,


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