• Eimear Stassin


It was pension day in Dingle.

The day when retired folk collected their pension from the bustling post office in town. 

I could feel the anticipation in the air.

My sister and I accompanied my grandfather, Jim, into town. We must have being visiting for the holidays.

Jim collected his cash, in exchange for much jovial banter with his fellow friends who were on the same mission as him. 

He carefully counted out the crisp notes at the post office counter; slid them into his wallet which he then popped into his suit jacket pocket. 

He pulled his tweed woolen cap back over his head and, with a nod of his head towards us, we obediently followed him back outside.   

We settled into one of the many pubs that line the colourful Main Street of Dingle - as was tradition on pension day. Myself and my sister on one side of the wooden table with Jim opposite us. The sweet smell of whiskey wafted towards me as the bar tender tended to our drinks.

A lady sat down at the next table to chat to Jim.

Their conversation paused. 

Then Jim suddenly turned to the lady and, pointing to his grown up grandchildren remarked:

Their father died in February.

Without flinching, the lady calmly replied:

That's. Life. Jim.

That set my sister and me off into a fit of surprised giggles.

However a faraway look had replaced the usual mischievous glint in Jims' eyes.  

I realise now that this was his matter-of-fact stoic way of journeying with the grief of losing his friend and son-in-law.

I realise how we all walked with our grief in our unique ways. 

That endings can be as poignant as beginnings through life and work and should be spoken in some way.

It became our standard response from then on, in work and life, in their memory.  It still makes me smile!

Sometimes, along the journey in to the soul truth of who you are, acceptance of how things currently are is the way. 

Can you lay down any struggle, even just for a moment, to clear some space for acceptance? 

Can you sit with that and notice what surfaces for you now?

That's. Life.

Jim's wise friend has spoken!

To you and your colourful journey,

Eimear x

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